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AzurEngine M.2 AI Accelerator Card

AzurEngine m.2 AI Accelerator Cardfeaturing the AE7100 Processor

The main parameters:

AzurEngine AE7100 Chip

Stronger power for AI Parallel computing chips with high versatility and high performance,  become a leader in the filed of parallel computing RPP reconfigurable chip Chips based on RPP architecture will better meet the high-performance computing needs of various scenarios Professional R&D team The core team has more than fifteen years of professional R&D experience.

The main parameters:

AzurEngine M5 AI Accelerator Card

The high computing power density and low power consumption board cards launched for the compact and embedded demand market provide the industry with accelerator products that meet the performance and power consumption requirements.

The main parameters:

AzurEngine AE8100 Chip

Reconfigurable Parallel Processor (RPP) architecture-The computing efficiency of the RPP chip is equivalent to ASIC (application specific integrated circuit), the chip power consumption is lower, and the software programming is more flexible and convenient.

The main parameters:

AzurEngine R8 Edge Server

Facing edge computing, high computing power and low power consumption integrated hardware platform

The main parameters:

GP-GPU based on RPP architecture

R8-An innovation GP-GOU based on RPP chip architecture

  • The Reconfigurable Parallel Processor (RPP) architecture transfers programmability from the time domain to the space domain. Under the RPP architecture, instructions are distributed to different PEs, and data flows through the PEs sequence to realize the program’s execution in space.
  • RPP is suitable for programs with large amounts of data parallelism.
  • With the innovation of AzurEngine, our RPP architecture has improved efficiency to a whole new level.